2011 Year in Review!

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First CannaMed Fair, Vancouver, B.C. February 2011
Calgary 420 and KDK Distributors were attendees and sponsors of this 2 day event.
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Body, Soul and Spirit Expo Calgary, Alberta April 2011
Calgary 420 first attempt at a trade show display booth in conservative Calgary for this 3 day event.
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Calgary's 7th annual Worldwide Marijuana March May 2011
A couple of unfortunate issues came up for this year event. Poor weather forecast and a no electrical power.
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2nd Annual Treating Yourself Medical Marijuana & Hemp Expo June 2011
A huge difference at the second year of this 3 day event. Calgary 420 advertisement in the event guide.
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1st Annual Prairie Medicinal Cannabis Cup Saskatoon Sask. July 2011
3 days of good time with good people. Jeff at Skunk Funk was the organizer and host for this event. Alberta sponsors were Calgary 420 and KDK Distributors. The only negative issue was a medical cannabis shipment from B.C. was confiscated by the local RCMP. Fortunately this did not affect the mood of the event. In the end (after the event ended) the sized medical cannabis shipment was returned to it's rightful owner. There was one entry from Alberta, Serious Seeds AK 47 and it came in at 5th place in the competition. BC Bud Depot won first place with their God Bud which also won the first place Indica trophy at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004. Live entertainment, speakers, food and of course as always awesome like minded people enjoying top shelve medical cannabis. The 3 day event was so successful the next Prairie Medicinal Cannabis Cup will be four days long and will be in September 2012.
The 50 Plus Living Show Oct. 2011
50 plus Canadians are the largest part of the voting population and they were our target at our second trade show of the year with a 420 display booth.
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Tommy and Shelby Chong at The Laugh Shop Nov. 11 / 2011
Over 70 Calgary 420 members attended the 10:00 PM show. We filled the center seating section and spilled out to the areas on to both sides of the center section.
Lethbridge, Alberta Fund Raiser Dec. 2011
Lisa Mamakind Kirkman and Debra Harper drove to Lethbridge to attend this event.
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Postmedia News articles across Canada 2011 with a huge jump in early December 2011.
That started in the spring when I read a Postmedia News national pain series article in the Calgary Herald. A short paragraph about a paraplegic with a Health Canada license that could not get his attendant to help him medicate (smoke). A less then 250 word Letter to The Editor (LTE) about the massive failing of the Health Canada medical cannabis program turned into a whole lot of media attention across the Canada. Add KDK Distributors donated a free brand new in the box Herbalaire to the paraplegic with a Health Canada license (Kurt) in Toronto. Amy Brown gladly offered to visit Kurt and show him how to use the device properly and educated Kurt about the huge medical cannabis community in Toronto.
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2011 there were a large number of other positive Alberta cannabis community actions through out the year that most of you will never hear about. There is just not enough time or space to write about them all.
Looking forward to 2012 NORML Canada Women's Alliance will have their first meeting in Calgary and central Alberta in January. PROGRESS, NOT PRISONS, Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) National Conference 2012, hosted by University of Calgary CSSDP chapter March 2-4. Calgary 420 will again be at the Big Four Building on the Calgary Stampede Grounds with a trade show display booth at the 50 Plus Living show April 14 and 15. 4/20 being on a Friday in 2012 we are looking at a private fund raiser event to celebrate 420. Calgary’s 8th annual Worldwide Marijuana March Saturday May 5 at Calgary City Hall. Add with a little luck and a lot of strong support from the cannabis community we will see Calgary and even Alberta’s first ever combined vapour lounge / activist center open up in conservative Calgary! Our office will open on January 1 / 2012 and we will be working hard towards opening the first ever vapour lounge in Calgary and Alberta later in 2012.
A huge thank you to all that supported Alberta cannabis community efforts in 2011! We can’t express here how much we appreciate all the incredible support our cannabis communities received in 2011 and year’s past.