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Sunday, July 5 2009 Debbie and I started the day of activism at 8:00 in the morning at the Stop Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre Abuses 2009 Stampede Breakfast Protest.
We arrived at the airport early to be available for the requested media interviews before Marc and Jodie arrived in Calgary.
CTV Calgary and The Calgary Herald were there for interviews. The news reports broadcast and published later by both organizations were good. Marc and Jodie had their official white cowboy hats they received the last time they were in Calgary September 2007 when we organized a official Calgary White Hat Ceremony for them.
Once the media at the airport were done Debbie, Kelly. Fred, Marc, Jodie and I went for a Sunday brunch at Nicks Steakhouse before a in studio interview with Marc and Jodie at University of Calgary CJSW radio.
Next stop was The Next Level in Forestlawn where The Calgary Herald took some photos of Marc. We all mingled with the customers for a while. Then we took Marc and Jodie to their hotel to check in and give them time to quickly post updates about the tour on the Internet. Kelly and Fred went to pickup the food and drinks.
Debbie Calgary 420 volunteers and I headed to the Scarbo community hall to start setting up for the free event. The Next Level (Fred) provided a DJ, glass blower and lots of free food and drinks. A private adult VIP lounge was setup for many to enjoy
The community hall started to fill up when we left to get Marc and Jodie from their hotel. They were greeted by many well wishers and took time out to talk with many people and pose for pictures before Marc started his speech. Marc's speech was about two hours. After the speech Marc and Jodie again took time to sign autographs, pose for pictures and discuss the issues with everyone that wanted too do so.
People scooped up all of Mr. Christie's baked goodies in less then an hour. A record sell out in regards to time. The bake goods always sell out at our events.
The community hall was cleaned up better then when it was when we arrived and many of us were off to a penthouse VIP party.
The next day we drove Marc and Jodie around to find a rental car and they were off to Banff. Debbie, Kelly and I arrived in Banff and hooked up with Gary from Hempire and got setup ready for Marc and Jodie's arrival. As they crossed the field the crowd of about 100 broke into cheers, applause and loud whistles. Marc's speech lasted about two hours. Both Marc and Jodie again took time to sign autographs and pose for pictures. Marc, Jodie, Krista, Gary, Debbie, Kelly and I headed over to Hempire to check out the store. After that we all went to a local Irish Pub and had a good meal and conversation.
The next day Marc and Jodie drove to Lethbridge and hooked up with Tamara and Vin for a private visit together. Debbie and I arrived at a local restaurant and waited for Marc, Jodie, Tamara and Vin to arrive. After a short visit we all headed over to the University of Lethbridge. Marc's speech was again about two hours. Once again Marc and Jodie signed autographs and posed for pictures. Then a group of us headed to a private residence for a private adult VIP party. 11:30 PM it was time to drive back to Calgary with Marc and Jodie following us in their rental car. We made sure they got a motel room reasonable close to the airport before Debbie and I left for home.
Sadly due to personal business issues we were not able to attend the Edmonton part of the tour.


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