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Big Red loses big time - Diane Colley-Urquhart, Progressive Conservative

September 14 / 09 ELECTION RESULTS

- Paul Hinman, Wildrose Alliance: 4,052, 37%

- Avalon Roberts, Liberal: 3,776, 34%

- Diane Colley-Urquhart, Progressive Conservative: 2,863, 26%

- Eric Carpendale, NDP: 148, 1%

- Len Skowronski, Social Credit: 118, 1%

- Antoni Grochowski, Independent: 71, 1%

Total votes: 11,028

Voter turnout: 40.5%

-- Unofficial results from Elections Alberta

So good to see Diane Colley-Urquhart get her butt kicked out big time.
She is a Calgary city council man with extreme prohibitionist views.
She told the local media she wants to see all cannabis growing consumers children taken away permanently!

She is a strong advocate for alcohol consumption to boot.

Sadly she was acclaimed in the last Municipal election for South West Calgary.

We really need to get a candidate to run against her in the next Calgary 2010 Municipal election. This may not be necessary though as there is a rumor she is going to try for the mayor office.

We still need to work on a campaign to educate people why not to vote for her and put a stop to her once and for all.


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