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Cannabis in the Bedroom

Cannabis in the Bedroom
Tue, 30. July 2019, 19:00 h - 21:00 h
7220 Fisher Street - Calgary, Alberta
Public Meeting
Created by:
Calgary 420


Cannabis is all over the news right now for it's medicinal and health properties right now.

But it can do a LOT more for you than just help you with pain, headaches, or stress... can be of significant help for your sexual health too!

It can enhance relaxation, address pain and discomfort, increase your libido and heighten your sensitivity.

Ask pretty much anyone that has consistently used cannabis for sexual benefit and they will undoubtedly give you quite a smile.

Our subject at this Flight Nightz event on July 30th is...


July 30th will be host to our trademark networking, trade show, and guest speakers format that has been so well received.

With all the recent research being done and released to the public, there is a LOT of attention on sexual health and cannabis.

We will be discussing:

* How to test the waters safely, and slowly, when first trying cannabis for sexual health

* Specific products and strains that work wonders in the bedroom

* Recent research findings on cannabis, women, and better ograsms

* What works best for men, for women, when alone, or when together

* New product releases and trends in the sexual health/cannabis business

* The numerous health benefits from cannabis in the bedroom

* and a lot more highly engaging and entertaining info will be shared!

One study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found "A positive association between [cannabis] use and sexual frequency is seen in men and women across all demographic groups.

"So the integration of cannabis into your sex life might result in sex more often, and hopefully more connected, better sex at that."

What more do we need to hear!

RSVP and join us.

Networking and display tables from 7:00-7:30
Guest Speakers from 7:30 to 8:45
Closing remarks and prize draw 8:45-9:00
9:00 on - networking and display tables and fun talk with fellow cannabis fans!


7220 Fisher Street
7220 Fisher Street South East
T2H 0W3

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