420 Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer FAQ


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Frequently Ask Questions - FAQ

  1. How do I become a volunteer in the 420 community?
  2. What can I do and what is expected of me?
  3. What type of people volunteer now and why?
  4. Is there any risk to me of being arrested and or charged by the police?

Answers to Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Fill in the on line form located here or print the form located here and fill it in and mail to our address here.
  2. There is many things you can do. See the volunteer sign up on line form here. You are expected to do what you can do.
  3. We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds
  4. There is no risk of you you being arrested as long as you follow our 420 code of conduct. To put it simply, act in a responsible manner.

Calgary 420 Activist Center is now closed. If you have a location we can rent for a reasonable cost contact us here