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Youth brain injury

Save our families from reefer madness fear mongering using common sense (real world experiences)!

Save our youth from sporting activity brain concussion injuries! Restrict sport participation to 25 years old, NOT.

Government of Canada
"64% of visits to hospital emergency departments among 10-18 year-olds are related to participation in sports, physical activity and recreation.
Among children and youth (10-18 years) who visit an emergency department for a sports-related head injury, 39% were diagnosed with concussions, while a further 24% were possible concussions.
Football, soccer and hockey have all shown a greater than 40% increase in rates of reported head injury (relative to other injuries) between 2004 and 2014 for children and youth."

Alcohol cause of more annual Canadian hospital emergency departments visits then heart attacks!
Prohibit alcohol again, NOT.


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