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Cannabis floers

Landlords' fears about pot-growing renters overblown: horticulture expert

Al Unwin is the associate dean of horticulture and environmental studies at Niagara College in Ontario said landlords' concerns are more likely to apply to large growing operations with many plants..

Unwin said marijuana plants require the same sort of care as other plants that renters might have in their homes.

By Ashleigh Mattern, CBC News Posted

December 08, 2017

Federal Court Decision Allard v. Canada,

Co-counsel Kirk Tousaw said "Basically we won, and it was a complete victory," and "We proved that growing medical cannabis can be perfectly safe, and can be done completely in compliance with the law and people ought to have a right to do that without fear of being arrested and locked in cages for that activity." and "The lessons I think are pretty obvious. If you can grow cannabis for yourself for medical purposes safely and with no risk for the public, surely, you can grow cannabis for yourself for non-medical purposes safely and with no risk to the public,"

Judge Michael Phelan Allard v. Canada:
In his decision, the judge noted that "many 'expert' witnesses were so imbued with a belief for or against marijuana — almost a religious fervour — that the court had to approach such evidence with a significant degree of caution and skepticism."

In particular, he called one RCMP witness for the Crown, Cpl. Shane Homequist, "the most egregious example of the so-called expert.

"He possessed none of the qualifications of usual expert witnesses. His assumptions and analysis were shown to be flawed. His methodologies were not shown to be accepted by those working in his field. The factual basis of his various options was uncovered as inaccurate," he wrote.
"I can give this evidence little or no weight," the judge concluded

Judge Phelan also dismissed many of the federal government's arguments concerning the risks cannabis gardens could pose to homes, noting mould, fire, break-ins and insurance concerns can be addressed within existing laws and regulations.

See more on Federal Court Decision Allard v. Canada, February 24, 2016

Also of interest is,
Dr. Susan C. Boyd, a B.C. researcher's book "Killer Weed: Marijuana Grow Ops, Media and Justice". about how law enforcement and media are not telling the facts.
Dr. Susan C. Boyd's "Reefer madness is governmental"
Dr. Susan C. Boyd is a member of Liberal government "Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation"


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